Hello there! I'm Rebecca; a twenty-one year old blogger/photographer from Northern Ireland, Co. Tyrone, Omagh - who spends majority of her time working part-time at the Perfume Shop, or training in the gym.

What initially started as an advice-giving blog in January 2017, has become so much more. She In The Know has become an outlet that enables me to create visual, yet readable and shareable content wherein I can openly ramble about 'adulting' - or attempting to via an array of subjects such as; Lifestyle, Health & Fitness or Beauty & Style. You will also find that I tend to write about my experiences as they happen - job losses and heartbreaks included.

The beauty of running She In The Know is that although to gives me a place to go in the evenings besides my bedroom, it allows me to be artistic and it gives me a voice rather than an echo, in a very unique way.

I hope that my blog will become a trusted source one day; but in the meantime you can keep up-to-date with my on-goings here on She In The Know or see what I got up this week on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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