26 November 2018

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Renowned as one of Kiehl's best-selling beauty products; the Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a rich and luxurious facial oil designed to be worn every night for younger-looking skin by morning. According to the Kiehl's website, you will wake up to fresh-feeling skin, which is more toned and more radiant by morning - who can complain?

Now that we are coming into the depths of winter in Northern Ireland, I think it is almost imperative that with the seasons, we also learn to chop and change our skincare routines and products, in avoidance of those pesky chapped lips and dry patches around our noses this Christmas. I know that these are my problem areas in particular and I could definitely use some assistance when it comes to decreasing redness and spots on my chin, so that is why I'm delving straight into the deep end and giving the Midnight Recovery Concentrate a proper run for its money.

I was fortunate that I actually won this product through an incentive at work, however I have since purchased another 30ml Midnight Recovery Concentrate from the Kiehl's website for £38.00. The bottle itself is made from recycled glass and is a stunning shade of deep royal blue, inside you will find a dropper and to top it off the lid is a plastic squeeze top in a protective 100% recycled board carton. 

Simply unscrew the top and like the inner-scientist you are, take a few drops of the concentrate in the palms of your hands and rub together. You can then gently press the oil onto your cheeks, forehead and chin before using circular patting motions to evenly spread the rest. 

The formula works by enhancing your skin's natural night time recovery process - basically you're about to make your skin do the work while you sleep (there is no rest for the wicked). Additionally the formula is not only paraben-free but also 99.8% natural-derived. A few of the key ingredients include; Lavender Essential Oil, Primrose Oil and Kiehl's signature ingredient squalene, derived from olives. 

For me this product was all about reducing redness and grabbing my natural radiant skin back with both hands. I had heard so much hype about the product beforehand that I knew I needed to have it and winning it showed me it was meant to be. Since using the the concentrate I have noticed a definitive, yet dramatic decrease in spots but also a decrease in dryness as mentioned around my nose. To coincide with this product, I am also using the Garnier Skin Active Day Cream which can be applied before or after the Midnight Recovery Concentrate - giving you that extra glow and smooth finish the following morning. 

Personally; I would not recommend the product if you have quite oily skin, but it is certainly something to think about it if you're struggling with dryness or redness from spots. Using this product has given me back some skin confidence, meaning less stress when it comes to attending events or nights out because my makeup now stays firmly and flawlessly on my face the entire night. 

Have you tried the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate before?

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