22 October 2018

What Is The Future Of She In The Know?

Blogging is one of my favourite ways to share content online, besides Instagram - there's just something gratifying about taking photographs, compiling a list of ideas and then being able to freely publish them online. It's an industry with a story to tell and one that I did not anticipate would propel in such a way. It's actually hard to fathom at times that I am the owner of a blog, on a self-hosted domain.

I curated She In The Know back in 2015, primarily as a lifestyle blog. But it's been here that I have struggled; struggled patently for years to find my vision and my voice in what we can only assess as quite a profoundly over-saturated market. This is why I habitually find myself clicking ctrl, alt, delete, taking time out to not only digest my content but to evaluate it and my blog goals because sometimes you just need to step back and appreciate the bigger picture for what it is.

There is no denying it, I have asked myself what is the future of She In The Know is time and time again and although I want to answer that as honestly and openly as I can, I simply don't know. I do know that I thoroughly enjoy creative writing, it's something I have always enjoyed, between studying English Literature and Journalism as GCSE's it just felt like I had a real knack for it. However... much like the times, my style and interests have changed over the years and generally so has the direction of my blog.

Something I have in a way become renowned for on Instagram; is my ability to share REAL life experiences via Insta stories. I like to cut through the crap and get straight to the point. I'm certainly open to the idea of discussing my experiences, including my trials and tribulations as a twenty-two year old woman. In-fact it was through a recent incident that occurred, where I really started to hone in on the idea of the future of She In The Know. I've been writing blog posts to fill this space for what feels like an eternity, but none of these posts have resonated with me, so why should I expect it to resonate or make an impact on anyone else?

Going forward I want to utilize She In The Know as well as the social media accounts connected, to simply engage with people. I want to speak openly about the nitty gritty and I want to do so in my own way and my own time. I don't want to feel as though I am constantly tiptoeing around everyone else in this industry. I want to ramble on about my favourite products from Lush, what I have picked up from Topshop and which playlist I've been loving lately because these are all a part of me.

She In The Know will be an extension of who I am; inside and out. I am done with conformity, I'm ready to just be undeniably and unashamedly me.

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