Cheerz-y Father's Day

This product was sent to me by Cheerz

Safe in the knowledge that my Dad doesn't actually 'do' social media and is highly unlikely to ever see or read this blog post, I thought I could sit down and run you through some of the reasons why my Dad is and continues to be, the best Dad - alongside a final, personalized gift that I'll be handing over this Father's Day. 

He Doesn't Judge  - 
In this day and age we're so quick to jump on the bandwagon and judge one another on outward appearances; we often see the physical such as the house, the car, the job, the attainments and the achievements as being a definition of ones character, but it shouldn't be. These are sentiments my Dad simply doesn't consider. When he first meets someone; he looks far beyond the superficial. He admires people for their integrity, loyalty and kindness but also admires people for their hard work. He has always encouraged me to make my own judgements; on people, on experiences and often just life in general, with the knowledge that I can speak to him at any given time. You could say he's a man with his head screwed on. 

He Is Strong - 
When life gives you lemons or the going gets tough, my Dad is and always has been the 'glass half full' kind of guy. If you are ever in need, ever worried or scared he really is the man to go to. Dad is strong, he doesn't let life, people or problems cloud his day any longer than they should. If we ever have a problem; not only is he the go to guy but so is my Mum and I think that's what makes them such a good team. I don't know how he does it, but he is always able to fix things and I think the most admirable thing about my Dad is that when I go to him with a problem, there is never an utter of complaint, there is never an issue too big or too small and I think that's why I'm able to speak so openly with him.

His Kindness Is Unparalleled - 
When people think about kindness, they often think about gifts and there is absolutely no doubt that my Dad is generous in that way, but it's the other acts of kindness that are truly meaningful. The gift of time; despite my Dad's usual hectic schedule, I know that he will always give me time. There are very few people in my life that I can fully rely on, people who I can call on in my time of need and know that they will do everything in their power to help me. Having someone like that is special. Whether you're on a night out and need a lift home (my brother will know a little more about this than me), or you've had a run in with management - there is nothing he can't or won't try to sort. He's the kind of man that will start your car in the morning when it's frosty, or go out of his way to make you tea and toast. Kindness is in the little things and that's something that he does a lot for us as a family. 

So this Father's Day, we're going all out. We already established last week that Dior's Sauvage would make a welcome addition to any man's fragrance collection - particularly my Dad, who I feel represents a hard-working, family orientated man. But this week we want to get personal. We're pairing the iconic Dior Sauvage, with something a little more sentimental - something personal and memorable to my Dad and to us. 

This is why I have teamed up with CHEERZ to create this sleek, yet stylish photo frame for my Dad; with images of us as a family because that's what's most important and I know he will appreciate it more, than any other gift we could ever bestow on him (besides grandchildren, obviously).  

For fifteen pounds, you can create your own 20 x 20 photo frame by visiting CHEERZ; or downloading the app on Apple or Android, choosing your size, picking a colour and selecting one or more photos for your Father's Day frame. They will then send your creation all ready for you to wrap and pop in a gift bag on June 17th.

Just for good measure; you can also receive an extra 10% off by using my code; 10THEKNOW right up until midnight on June 17th. 

What will you be purchasing this Father's Day?