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A Bedroom Tour

As someone who avidly watches Homes Under the Hammer, 60 Minute Makeover and Grand Designs - just to name a few, never-mind aimlessly spends hours upon hours pinning and reading interior design magazines; I've always been quite keen to take up writing about design and home decor myself one day, if the opportunity did ever arise. But what better time is there than now? in 2018, when I'm still living at home.

I would be lying to myself and to you; my reader, if I didn't wholeheartedly admit that my bedroom isn't just a place for me to catch some z's, but also a place that I work on a daily basis. Essentially my bedroom is where I sleep, eat and write - so one thing that I really wanted to achieve in 2018 was minimalism. Throughout January I spent time condensing everything down, including what was in my wardrobe after some significant weight-loss last year, this meant I couldn't get distracted by 'that' chair stacked with clothes anymore.

The colour scheme I opted for was grey, white and yellow - surprisingly something I feel my bed-linen from George, Asda captured perfectly, especially for £14. In-fact it was my Mum who suggested this geometric print bedding set and I've been in love with it ever since. To go along with this I also picked up a Hampton 6"x 4" mustard photo frame from Next at just £6, as well as these cylinder B&Q lamp shades, which are plain white on the outside, but when switched on have this funky yellow droplet design on the inside! These were £12 each and came along with a matching ceiling lamp shade at £17.

Next up; are these IKEA MALM bedside tables; they sure look effortless now, but believe me they were an absolute NIGHTMARE to build - they were £40 each and I feel they tone in quite well with my headboard. One thing that really surprised me about these units however, was the actual drawer depth - there's just so much room for cramming and I honestly expected a lot less from them! On-top of this unit in particular I placed an artificial potted plant from IKEA and a scented candle from Next with the letter R on it. I would love to swap both of these out for a REAL plant, or a vase of flowers.

I also want to utilize the space above my headboard as gallery or feature wall if you prefer, where I can hang photographs of those who are near and dear - making the room a little more personal to me.

I also managed to pick up this IKEA MALM chest of drawers for £100, this was definitely one of the more expensive buys throughout the entire designing to decorating process and just by sheer luck fitted into that exact space with an inch to spare. You can attach this unit to the wall, which I think would be useful for anyone with young children, but I opted out of doing so as I wanted to be able to freely move this unit around the room on the off chance that it gets rearranged.

I suggest if you're looking for some extra organisation, that you pick up these SKUBB boxes from IKEA and place them into drawers as and where required. You would honestly be amazed at what it does for the space. On-top of this unit I have just placed my TV and jewellery box for quick access. Ideally I would love to have my television wall mounted, tidy up those leads and use the unit as a space for ornaments/trinkets and plants etc.

My work station - you might have spotted this space before in 'The Anti-Bucket List' post that I uploaded at the beginning of January, it's really nothing fancy at all. I picked up this IKEA MICKE desk at £60 - which mind you was also a blooming NIGHTMARE to build, along with this matching white and black office chair for £29. I wanted to keep this space bright and simple in design. I also managed to grab this Wayfair desk lamp at a mere £13.99, which is perfect for late night blogging and photo editing.

Ideally I would love to create some sort of space in my room, close to my desk where I can use it as a means for inspiration, perhaps a mood board of sorts, or a place to pin printed photographs and to-do lists.

And lastly... my wardrobe! As mentioned before I did condense this section down; a lot of my clothing was donated to charity, or folded and put away. I did decide to hang my coats, hoodies and go-to slogan t-shirts on this IKEA RIGGA clothing rack, which I picked up for £14 - I do believe it can be extended in height.

Again, I would love to add some sort of floor length mirror in this section of my room - perhaps the wall beside it, with the possibility of adding some framed quotes or artwork so the space doesn't look as bare.

What section of the room was your favourite?


  1. WOW! Your room looks so light and airy, you've styled it perfectly with the yellow.I love Ikea furniture but hate building it! I cant wait to get rid of my younger self's bright pink wallpaper and replace it with a GORGEOUS geometric print that ive found!

    1. Thank you so much Kylie! I'm really pleased with how it's come together, although I'd like to add a few more pieces here and there. You need to have the patience of a saint to build IKEA furniture haha! What colours are you opting for with your own room? x

    2. Im trying to change into a more adult, minimalist room but i just own that much crap it seems impossible! Im thinking, this wallpaper for a feature wall.. x

    3. The struggle is real! haha, I swear I clear out my room every few months. I LOVE this wallpaper, I'm really feeling funky colours & geometric patterns this year x

  2. I love your colour scheme! I very nearly opted for a yellow theme for mine before I went for pink and grey. It brightens the room up so much!xx

    Lucy |

    1. Thank you Lucy! I had looked at pink and grey myself actually, but I felt that yellow would pop more in my room, especially with how light it is in here haha x

  3. I love your colour scheme - that bedding is gorgeous! Asda does some great bedding. I love Homes Under The Hammer haha!
    Amy xx

    1. Thank you Amy! It's the first time I've picked up bedding from Asda surprisingly, but I love it! & Homes Under the Hammer is hard to beat haha x


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