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Being Fired & Why It Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

Let's be realistic here, being fired at the time... was most definitely not the best thing that had ever happened to me. In-fact I'd go as far as to suggest it was being fired that saw the beginning of what seemed to be quite a turbulent year - a year as such, that would soon present itself with numerous changes and challenges. In all fairness; when I took on the role of 'Hot Food Counter Assistant' with little to no experience, I wasn't happy to begin with. I was just glad to have a job that enabled me to pay my phone bill every month.

Don't get me wrong, I'd invested a lot of time into applying, re-applying and attending interviews previous to this. So, naturally when I got the call to say I'd be starting my new job on Tuesday morning, I was absolutely over the moon about it! But, unfortunately... not all good things last forever, because just as I had settled in and started to feel as though things were really looking up for me - I got the sack and that's when I remembered this saying where; 'everything happens for a reason' - it's quite funny... I can recall a time when I would have snorted at this, rolled my eyes into the back of my head and brushed the mere thought of it off my shoulders, but this was my reality.

I could probably sit and I could blame the loss of this particular job for a lot my problems, but it was being fired that gave me time to self-reflect and I think a part of me needed that. I admittedly wasn't the best person for the job, because I know it wasn't me and it wasn't something I wanted to do, nor ever imagined myself doing. It took being in that position however to highlight my weaknesses, weaknesses I never necessarily knew that I had and it made me question things; such as what, who and where I wanted to be.

Looking back now, I believe I was meant to be pushed out of that job so I could be pushed down a path I needed to take and it helped me overcome the fear of taking risks; not just in my every-day life, but with my career. I mean... isn't that what life is all about? Life is about taking risks and trying again when you get knocked down. I persevered and I continued to apply for jobs that were more suited to my interests and abilities. I even went back to college as a means of regaining focus.

It's strange how things work out though isn't it? I mean.. I never imagined myself in that position, but I also never imagined myself working for The Perfume Shop as a Sales Assistant either.

Have you ever been fired? How did you deal with it?


  1. I have never been fired but I have been turned down for jobs before or been rejected from extending my contract for seasonal jobs and whilst at the time it sucks because you get used to the money or you think you really wanted that job, you realise later that that door closed so another door that offers even brighter pastures may open. xx

    1. I think it always hurts a little at the beginning, who likes being rejected after-all? but I completely agree with you! Everything happens for a reason x

  2. Love this!! Keep it up girl!!!!


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