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HIS & HERS // Emporio Armani

Now that we are approaching Valentine's Day, it only feels appropriate that I bring up a discussion we've been having quite frequently at the Perfume Shop and that is perfume duos and just how much they have been produced in their masses in recent years. I mean, they did prove popular with our store over the Christmas period, so there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we are going to be sold out this Valentine's Day to. In fairness I think it's pretty fab brands are hopping on this bandwagon; for example Paco Rabanne who are in the middle of launching AQUA Invictus and Olympea - a fresher, more Spring into Summer take on their originals.

It's definitely an intriguing trend to watch develop, but it was Emporio Armani YOU that captivated me the most in 2017. During our training we learnt that in 1966 Giorgio Armani met the love of his life, Sergio Galeotti and as partners the two launched the Giorgio Armani business empire, together. Although Galeotti did pass away in 1985, their love story lives on and is the basis of Armani's latest Eau de Parfums Because It's You; for her and Stronger With You; for him.

In-fact it's said that the fragrance names read much like vows - two people simply committing to one another, sealed with layers of rings on the bottle cap, the same ring design that Armani himself wears to this very day. Armani YOU captures the balance and strength of an equal empowerment and provides the senses with an olfactory illustration of a modern day love, with its sensual partnership of strong fragrances for him and her. I knew that Matthew and I had to have this duo; particularly because when combined, you can create a new scent - something I feel is unique to the brand itself and a great selling point for couples looking for a coveted fragrance.

Stronger With You; is a spicy eau de toilette for him. It's a masculine scent with spicy accords in the top notes; a mix of cardamom, pink peppercorn and violet leaves. Stronger With You has inherited a confident elegance, with the easy nonchalance of youth, conveyed by the sage at its aromatic heart. These notes combine with the smoky vanilla jungle essence and the sugar coated chestnut accord, producing an irresistible men's fragrance.

Because It's You is a happy, delicious and sparkling perfume for her, simply irresistible like a ripe raspberry in its perfect and most elegant naturalness when combined with neroli notes. This women's fragrance is unabashedly feminine, full, instinctive and passionate. Its charm apparent, like the addictive and sophisticated rose absolute scent. Because It's You plays with powers of seduction as vanilla mixes with musk, revealing a complex and incredibly deep sensuality.

Emporio Armani Stronger With You and Because It's You are scents that symbolize a powerful love - one that I feel would be a perfect 'hello, I love you' gift this Valentine's Day.


What duos are you looking forward to this Valentine's Day?

Monday, 15 January 2018 / Northern Ireland, UK

How I'm Going To Make 2018 My Best Year

It's safe to say we have had our time to sit down, on numerous occasions and rationally evaluate 2017; for all its life lessons learnt and achievements gained. But isn't it high time we started thinking a bit more about 2018 and how we're going to be more strategic? I mean, I don't know about you... but I'm more than ready to leave what was a turbulent and frankly quite shitty year behind me, for a new and improved one.

That's why in 2018; I want to start working on new projects and passions of mine. I want to put more time and effort into being around people that matter and I most definitely want to build my credit rating and savings account. So, here's;

How I'm Going To Make 2018 My Best Year:

  • Get My Finances In Check - Saving isn't something new to me, in-fact it's almost second nature. I know that I can create budgets and stick to them, so this year I'm going to focus more on getting my finances in check. I'm going to look at my outgoings and do my best to tighten the belt. I mean... I've already indulged twice this month on new shoes - so frankly my online shopping habits need to come to an abrupt end and fast. I need to start thinking ahead and how I'm going to set myself up for the future, i.e. buying my first house. 
  • Take Projects & Personal Goals To The Next Level - This year I opted out of creating resolutions, so I could put more focus on projects and personal tasks that I wanted to fulfil. I didn't want to set generic goals because I already knew in my mind what needed to be done. So... with that being said, this year I'm going to take projects and personal goals to the next level - in other words, go full steam ahead with my current business ideas and projects such as starting a YouTube channel and work hard to ensure those are a success (again, thinking about the future). I also want to focus more on getting fitter and stronger, so I'm going back to personal training. 
  • Spend More Time With Those That Matter - I'm terrible when it comes to dividing my time up, there's absolutely no doubt about it. I spend more time cooped up in my bedroom, than I do downstairs with my family and I'm constantly being reprimanded for it. I know that it's an unhealthy habit to have and because of it I don't have a social life or a friend group to fall back on. In 2018 I want to spend more time with those that matter, even if it's an evening of nattering over a brew. I'm going to make the most of my diary and use it as a basis to schedule time for projects, personal training and family. 
  • Step Up & Go The Extra Mile - After Christmas majority of us felt a bit deflated at work, that's why I want to step up and go the extra mile. There's nothing a positive staff meeting can't do, especially when you've got management that are more than willing to support your ideas. We sat down, we reflected and we realised that we could have done better - not just at work, but also at home. This year I want to focus more on marketing our shop and pitching the brand, I want to ensure we are hitting targets and making the most of public holidays. It's time to go above and beyond what anyone else is doing. Whilst also ensuring we leave work at work and we go home and spend time with those that blooming well matter to us, because life is far too short. 
  • Get Creative - If you've been around on She In The Know from the beginning, you will know that I recently decided to hit refresh. I wanted to focus on finding my voice, so I could get creative and talk more about things that matter to me, experiences I'm going through and what I'm enjoying in that moment and time. I want to create a YouTube channel, I want to take my blog to the next level and I really want to put some focus into starting up my own business. It's going to be quite a year. 

How are you going to make 2018, your best year?

(Check out my first YouTube video below).


Monday, 8 January 2018 / Northern Ireland, UK

Important Life Lessons I Learnt Last Year

Now that we have firmly planted our feet into the second week of January and well into 2018, I thought it would be an appropriate time to sit down with a fresh mind and a brew - along with some biscuits, to rationally evaluate the year we've just had; or at-least attempt to.

As mentioned in my previous post 'The Anti-Bucket List', 2017 was the year of hardship, of struggle, of change and challenge for me. Although it presented itself as more difficult at times than others, I certainly felt I had been put through my paces and essentially this left me reeling to do more for me, myself and I in the new year, which quite frankly I feel I've already managed to do. But alas with that being said, here are a few

Important Life Lessons I Learnt Last Year:

  • I Learnt To Just Let Go - People came and went in 2017. Friends weren't always on the same page unfortunately and colleagues I thought I knew weren't who they turned out to be. I wanted different things and often would get impatient waiting for these things to happen. I learnt to just let go and accepted that everything I was experiencing in those moments, were going to contribute to the person I would eventually become. I realised my full potential, I went back to College and I stepped up my game in the gym. I wasn't anxious anymore and I sure as hell wasn't afraid. 
  • I Learnt Not To Let People Define Me - Have you ever heard that saying 'everything happens for a reason' - well I can assure you, that it does. In 2017 I stopped listening to people who were only in my life to spite me, who were only there to put me down and to make comment. In 2017 I started owning my own strength; I started listening to my inner voice and learnt to trust my gut more often. I learnt not to let people define me and finally managed to wipe the slate clean; I said cheerio to the Negative-Nancy's and Debbie Downers in 2017 and will continue to do so this year.
  • I Learnt To Be More Self-Loving And Self-Motivated - As cliche as this may sound, in 2017 I learnt to be more self-loving and self-motivated. I learnt to take better care of my mind and my body and finally started to embrace my own uniqueness as a human being. I took control and am confident in my journey, particularly in my physical self and in my career.

What life lessons did you learn in 2017?

Monday, 1 January 2018 / Northern Ireland, UK

The Anti-Bucket List

Two thousand and seventeen for me; was a year of both personal growth and discovery. It was a year wherein I struggled quite significantly with my general physical and mental health. Where I struggled to find my place in college and at work and where I struggled with bouts of unemployment - never-mind my sanity. In short; it was the year of hardship, of struggle, of change and challenge - although more difficult that it seemed at times, I really felt as though I was being put through my paces and I'm ready to bounce back.

One of my first steps being this blog post; 'The Anti-Bucket List', wherein I endeavour to defy tradition, to compile a list of all the things I managed to achieve in 2017, rather than one which glorifies what I didn't - simply put.

The Anti-Bucket List - 2017; 

  • Matthew & I celebrated our one year anniversary on January 15th,
  • I worked with my first brand, & became an Itty Bitty Book Co. Ambassador in February,
  • I passed my Theory Test, And 
  • My Driving Test. 
  • I got my first car - a KIA C'EED,
  • I started working part-time for the Perfume Shop in July,
  • I celebrated my twenty-first birthday in September,
  • The Perfume Shop girls & I raised money for Alzheimer's Research UK by taking part in the Escape Rooms in Belfast,
  • I went back to college in September and did a short course in Digital Marketing, 
  • I passed that course.
  • I took an interest in CrossFit and finally started going to personal training, 
  • This helped me drop a dress size,
  • And more.
  • I completed and passed an online course in Marketing Fundamentals via Google, and 
  • Surprisingly survived my first Christmas working in retail. 

 What did you achieve in 2017?
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