Monday, 2 October 2017 / Northern Ireland, UK

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I would be lying to myself and to you, if I didn't wholeheartedly admit that I'd somewhat fallen out of love with writing and being a blogger as such this summer. I felt as though my words were becoming forced, uninspired and generic, so much so that I've been trying to write this post for the entirety of a month, or at-least procrastinating about it to a certain extent.

Initially when I started blogging in January 2017, I had been planning to study a foundation degree in counselling and this is why majority of my posts were advice based and not so much about me or the things I was finding interesting, but more so about someone else's problems. It's quite funny actually, as time progressed I'd found myself gradually drifting from the idea of running my own counselling firm, to running my own photography business and working in marketing full-time. I'd even hm'd and ha'd about why on earth I didn't just study these in the first place... yet it took stepping away from blogging for me to realize this, because I knew I was struggling to keep up, to keep my head above water. I wasn't driven to write anymore, I would spend more time at work than at home working on my blog and when I was on my laptop, I'd avoid my dashboard at all costs - I'd more or less thrown in the towel and there was absolutely no looking back.

Since stepping back from blogging and content creating, I have become an Auntie, I have started working in the Perfume Shop on a part-time basis, I have returned to College to study NCFE Level 2 Photography and OCN NI Level 2 Digital Marketing and I have finally fallen back in love with photo-taking, writing and advertising. It's honestly as if someone has come along and lit a fire under my ass, because I am absolutely itching to write, to work.

So; in order to get into a routine as such... I'm going to be blogging once a week - every Monday, I have completely and utterly pulled apart my layout, I have removed everything from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I am now looking at a literal clean slate to kick-start October.

I can't wait to get started.

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