Monday, 24 July 2017


Initially I was quite hesitant about writing this post; not just because I've been procrastinating about it for the entirety of two weeks, but also because I've been experiencing this real love/hate relationship with my blog and blogging in general. Truth is; I wasn't prepared to admit this, but I'm worried about the future of She In The Know and I'm actually a little worried about myself.

It's Monday; its 6 o'clock and the sun is splitting the trees. Matthew and I are currently cooped up in-front of the TV watching the Home channel on repeat, whilst a small fan blasts cool pockets of air at us from the corner of the room - I have managed it, once again I have managed to avoid a full day of blog work and I feel dreadful for it.

Truth be told; I've been making my way through some of my previous content, recalling moments where it was just me and my little notepad brimming with ideas and frankly, I've been finding it strange how in January I had no difficulty staying motivated, but now I'm lucky if I can even string together an introduction of sorts and I am exhausted. I am literally in every sense, physically and mentally exhausted and I feel as though I've lost my way a bit - I've actually been hoping that this would be some sort of weird faze that I'd snap out of, but in all honesty... things aren't looking too peachy.

I believed that it was only going to be a matter of time before I found myself taking yet again, another sporadic break. My passion for writing and creating content has been coming in ebbs and flows, I've needed more time to myself and more time to recuperate, to think about what I needed to do for myself and for my blog - even if it meant risking the abandonment of my social accounts for some time. I feel as though I've been in a bit of a vicious cycle and I'm sure I'll find myself in a similar headspace time and time again, but now that I am settled into my new job and Matthew is home for the Summer holidays, I'm hoping things will fall into place.

Speaking realistically; I've been taking each day as it comes, but I think it's about time I focused a bit more on being fearlessly and relentlessly true to myself, because let's face it... good things take time and I believe that this is one of those things.

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