Monday, 19 June 2017

Where I've Been, Blogging & More

I would be lying to myself and to you, if I didn't wholeheartedly admit that I've been trying to write this post for the entirety of a week, or-least procrastinating about it. Procrastinating to a point where I was at a complete an utter loss for words and let me tell you; this would be a first - but it does happen, it has happened and this is why I find myself taking quite sporadic breaks from blogging.

Initially when I started writing in January, it was just me and my notepad brimming with ideas. I had no real trouble staying motivated, well at-least until Easter. Don't get me wrong... nothing drastic happened in my personal life, I just became lazy and out of sorts. To be fair I've been struggling to get back into a routine since; both with blogging and with exercising... so, I decided to take a step back, think about where I wanted things to go, what motivated me to start in the first place and how I was going to get back to work - basically I did a massive overhaul and I'm finally back to my usual self.

Aside from taking a break from content creating, I also became an Auntie - yep. My sister Ashley gave birth to Jack William Kelly on the 10th of June 2017. A perfect, bouncy, baby boy at 9lbs 13ounces and we're all secretly doting on him. I mean it's pretty hard not to.

I also left my full-time job as a Food-To-Go Assistant and am set to take up a new role within the Perfume Shop this July. Frankly, I couldn't be more excited about the prospect of working for my favourite High Street store - who knows, I might just review more scents here on She In The Know.

Nevertheless as a means of getting back to work, I have compiled a short list of blog and personal related goals for June. Here goes...


Goal #1 - Routine 
It's imperative that I start working towards a routine and this doesn't just apply to blogging, but it also applies to exercising. A routine means stability and right now that's exactly what I need. I want to be consistent so, I'm going to return to my routine of blogging twice a week (Monday's and Friday's), alongside setting aside writing and photo-taking days.

Goal #2 - Work Towards Increasing Traffic & Social Media Reach
Whilst on my break I noticed that along with my views, my following was also decreasing and this was purely down to being inactive. I really want to focus more time and energy working towards increasing my traffic and social media reach - my blog simply wouldn't progress otherwise. I want to make more of an effort to join in Twitter Chats and Facebook Groups, I want to network network network this month.

Goal #3 - Be Active
Alongside working towards increasing my traffic and social media reach, I think being active is also important and it was time away from blogging that taught me this. I want to start being active on Twitter and Instagram more often than not, especially since these are two of my favourite platforms. Perhaps I could do some reading on ways to promote my content better and what times I should be posting at.


Goal #1 - Create A Consistent Workout Schedule / Be Active
If you've been following along with my fitness related posts here on She In The Know, then I'm sure you'll be well aware of my significant weight loss since January. However; this hasn't come without wanting to throw the towel in on several occasions. This June I want to create a consistent workout schedule and overall just be active. I mean it's been about two weeks since I even stepped on a treadmill or lifted a weight.

Goal #2 - Drink More Water
I decided it was best I carry this goal over from last month, despite drastically cutting down on fizzy drinks this year, I'm still not drinking enough water. For the rest of the month I want to make more of a conservative effort to drink the suggested 2 litres a day - it'll be interesting to see how my body will adjust to this or if I'll even manage to stick with it. 

Goal #3 - Work On Getting A Better Nights Sleep
I want to say goodbye to late nights once and for all - for my own sanity. I want to start working towards getting a better nights sleep each night, for the remainder of this month. I want to be tucked up in bed by 11 pm, with my phone off. Perhaps this will help with my motivation situation.

Have you taken a break recently? How did you find returning to work?

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