Monday, 5 June 2017

Habits You Will Need To Let Go Of If You Want To Be Happier This Summer

When was the last time you were truly happy? When was the last time you had an uninterrupted moment of complete positivity? Small moments of happiness and pure positivity can come along in the middle of the week, when you're riding shotgun in the front seat of your boyfriends car, listening to The Kooks on the radio or simply having a G and T on the front porch. These moments are great, but often illusive - unless you're a real go-getter and can manage to turn negative thinking into positive action 24/7.

It's really important that we remember just how much we deserve to be happy, so - here are a few bad habits you need to let go of if you want to be happier this Summer.

- Not Being Your True Self:
Stay true to yourself; don't agree just for the sake of agreeing. The younger you are the harder this one can be, because somehow we seem to think that to be friends with people we have to like the same things, but this isn't always the case. Be proud of who you are as a person, you are an individual and there is nobody quite like you - literally. You shouldn't have to change you to be successful or liked by anyone.

- Caring What Other People Think:
Unfortunately not everyone is going to like you, just like not everyone will be willing to support you. If you listen and care about what every single person you met thought about you, you would never be truly happy. Cut people out of your life who haven't supported you and try not to dwell too much on it. Once you stop caring, you will start living.

- Trying To Take Control:
Not everything can be controlled. Some things may be just too far out of reach. I know that can be hard to hear, if you're anything like me you will like to stay on top of everything, but sometimes you just have to let someone else take lead, this will help ease the pressure and allow extra room for an outside perspective.

- Dependent On Others:
This is one that I've had to learn personally and I think it's a lesson you learn in your late teens/early twenties, to stop being dependent on others. You learn to be alone and to love yourself before you love others. It's really important that you can make yourself happy whether that's in your career, family life or in a new relationship, no one person can determine whether you're happy or not.

What habits will you be trying to let go of this Summer?

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