Monday, 26 June 2017

Becoming A Go-Getter

A Go-Getter; is someone who is energetic, determined to be successful and able to deal with new or challenging situations easily and there is truly no time like the present to create a better you. After-all it is Summer and they say Summer is the season of getting shit done, changing our mindsets and generally just being a bit more positive - perhaps this is because we've been getting better weather or that we've finally escaped the clutches of all commitments for the next 2 to 3 months, but whatever the case may be we are ready. We are ready to kick ass and ready to become the go-getting girls and boys we so long desire.

Becoming A Go-Getter

- Be Fearless:
We're all guilty of being our own worst enemy, but we need to stop talking ourselves out of opportunities just because we're scared of new things - be fearless. Go-getters believe in themselves! If you have confidence that you will achieve something, others will quickly follow suit and believe in you too. Learn to say 'I can' and 'I will' more often, I promise you won't regret it. Who knows, you could really go places if you just let go.

- Routine:
It's absolutely imperative that to become a go-getter, you have a routine. A routine means stability and allows you to keep on schedule. Put a routine in place that covers; exercise, social events, work commitments and me time - pre-planning this will mean you're less likely to break the cycle and thus will help you achieve your aims for that given week.

- Try Something New: 
Try something new - give that bold lipstick you've been too scared to try a test, or go wild and have your hair cut and coloured, let's just go all out! A different look will make you feel like a new person, and this will truly build your confidence when going out and getting exactly what you want. Let's nail those meetings at work this week.

- Treat Yourself:
Being a go-getter can seem like you have to be this pristine, perfect person. But a little indulgence never hurt anybody. Have a drink, get a takeaway, do something that makes you feel totally relaxed after another stressful week in the office. No one will pamper you, better than you.

Are you a go-getter? 

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