Friday, 2 June 2017

5 Tips To Help You Fight The Fear Of Failure

As an adult and teen (for the most part), I had developed a habit of feeling as though I genuinely couldn't do things. I felt paralyzed by a sense that I wasn't capable, I wasn't capable of doing what I was required to at High School or College and that I just simply couldn't achieve what I needed or wanted to if I were to pursue a career in Healthcare. It's quite ironic really, given I have recently applied for University - but back in 2012, 'I can't' was a staple part of my vocabulary and remains so at times.

I have to credit my parents here; for their persistence over the years. Every time I lost belief, lost hope, they have always been there to push me on, to show me that I can and that the world is most definitely my oyster. I put my feelings of incapability down to the fear of failure and the fear of imperfection - but there are ways to cope with it.

5 Tips To Help You Fight The Fear Of Failure:

- Rome Wasn't Built In A Day: 
Often we can look at a task or challenge ahead and feel blinded by the pure scale of it and that's a big hurdle on its own to overcome. Take GCSE's for instance; they are such a challenge, but actually in reality... when you break it down, break time into small manageable deadlines and forget looking at the bigger picture, you'll find it much easier to make that start and more often than not, starting can be the hardest part. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day.

- Stop Comparing Yourself:
The fear of failure can often stem from comparison of others; stop worrying that you're not good enough in the context of something or someone else, stop reviewing your successes versus another's... It's negative, unhelpful and absolutely irrelevant. The sooner you learn to stop comparing yourself to others, the more energy you can then channel into yourself and your own work - it will be truly liberating, especially when you see results.

- Perspective:
Majority of the time, when I look back at my 'I can't' days, I realize that I had lost perspective. I had become so wrapped up in my own stresses and panic that I simply couldn't see what needed to be done. You should take things gradually - what's the worst that could happen if I did fail? Having perspective will help ease the pressure, the stress and the panic.

- Learn From Your Mistakes:
Failure is all part of growing up, it's a learning curve that helps you grow and evolve as a person. You should accept your failures and learn from them, but remember to move on. Too often in society we see leaders fail and then give up... this sets a bad example for young individuals. This could all be a part of your journey to success.

- Well Done/Congratulations:
Positive reinforcement works. When we do something we felt we couldn't at the start, we feel overjoyed, proud, perhaps even beside ourselves. That positive reaction reinforces the mind to think 'I can' and 'I will', so the more you overcome, the more you can reinforce that positive sentiment in your mind. You should be able to say well done to yourself without feeling bad, you should know how hard you have worked, the obstacles you have overcome and the self doubt you have proved wrong. Congratulate yourself and in bigger situations treat yourself to a reward i.e. a new handbag, because I know I certainly will.

Can you relate to this post? Do you have moments of self deprecation? 

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