Friday, 30 June 2017

4 Strategies That Will Help You Find Balance

If you managed to read my post on 'Where I've Been, Blogging & More', then you'll understand my persistence on the topics of 'Becoming A Go-Getter', 'Songs To Keep You Motivated This June' and now 'Strategies That Will Help You Find Balance'. Let me explain; blogging is something I have been thoroughly enjoying, but unfortunately at times I was finding the process a bit overwhelming. I was making mistakes, I wasn't concentrating and I felt like I was just simply writing for the sake of writing. I guess you could say I wasn't being my true self and that's why I'm putting strategies in place to get me back on track. I'm finally finding balance.

So, with that being said - here are 4 Strategies That Will Help You Find Balance this incoming month;

Step One: Cut The Crap
It's about time we started prioritizing ourselves and prioritizing self-care so we can feel balanced and able to handle the pressure that comes with juggling a social life, a hobby or perhaps even employment, alongside study. Let's cut the crap - cut the negative self-talk and the self-deprecation out and understand that you don't have to be perfect to be better. Sometimes silencing the negative voices in our heads is the first step to cutting unnecessary drama out of our lives, because lets face it... who even needs that nowadays?

Step Two: Time Out, Time Off
When life gets overwhelming, that's when you know that it's your time to take a step back; it's time out and time off simply put. Step back from the situation; whether it means taking a day off and staying at home in our pyjamas to recuperate or booking a spontaneous week long holiday in Bora Bora - lord only knows I could use one now. If we keep going the way we're going and pushing ourselves to the edge, it's only inevitable that we're going to disrupt our physical and mental health in the long run. Surround yourself with family and friends who will build you up.

Step Three: Build Your Ideal Day
Now that we're well rested, why don't you take some time to jot down the way you would prefer to handle tasks. Whether it's coming up with a morning routine, scheduling dinner with your gal pals or simply sitting down to do some blog work - build your ideal day from start to finish. If something doesn't make the cut, i.e. you're dreaming about a life without going to your current job, then perhaps you need to change your mindset and weigh up the pros and cons as to why you aren't being satisfied in your position.

Step Four: Get Going
Now that you have both your mind and body renewed, take some time to set new goals. It's so easy to lose track of our original goals, that it's an appealing process to start over again come Monday morning. It rejuvenates us when we can press reset. So get going, put your new goals in place where you can see and start on them, but ensure that you take time to break them down into manageable chunks - just like this post, create steps.

How are you finding balance this incoming month?

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