Monday, 29 May 2017

The Itty Bitty 21 Day Gratitude Journal Results

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, having a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. It's a proven method of bringing more happiness into your day-to-day life, without you even noticing.

On Monday the 8th of May, I posted a short introduction to the Itty Bitty 21 Day Gratitude Journals, sent lovingly by IttyBitty Book Co themselves for me to use, review and giveaway over Mental Health Awareness Week - but being grateful and spending a bit more time looking after my mind and my body this year, was already on my ever-growing to-do list.

During the 21 days, I did find that these pocket-sized journals had been proving difficult to complete; however the prompts such as -3 People You Are Grateful For Today-, certainly came into good use and encouraged me to think about those both in and outside my family circle and why I was grateful for those individuals at that particular time. 

Not only did the gratitude journals change my perspective in a matter of days, I found sifting through the Itty Bitty Inspiration Books for guidance very useful also - especially when I was having an offish day.

The Results - 21 Days Of Gratefulness: 

Day 1 -
  • The Blogging Industry,
  • Warmer days in Northern Ireland &
  • Having a supportive family.
Day 2 - (3 People You Are Grateful For Today):
  • My Mum
  • My Dad & 
  • My boyfriend Matthew.
Day 3 - (Today I'm Grateful For):
  • Having options,
  • Having a stable income & 
  • Having my own independence.
Day 4 -
  • Itty Bitty Book Co,
  • The Gratitude Journal & 
  • The challenge.
Day 5 - (Nice Things That I've Done):
  • Fundraised for Northern Ireland Chest, Heart & Stroke,
  • Walked for AWARE NI & 
  • Walked for Alzheimer's Society in Belfast.
Day 6 -
  • The ability to have me-time,
  • Evening walks with Matthew's sisters & 
  • Coco cuddles (Matthew's dog).
Day 7 -
  • Almost Adulting by Arden Rose, for providing something to think about, 
  • Freshly washed bed-sheets & 
  • Good company.
Best Things About Last Week -
  • Matthew returning from University,
  • Date nights in Kampar & 
  • Evening walks.
Day 8 -
  • Love Give Ink & their beautifully packaged notebooks,
  • Night-time talks with Matthew & 
  • Having two, very understanding parents.
Day 9 - (3 People You Are Grateful For Today):
  • My sister Ashley,
  • My brother Johnathan & 
  • My soon-to-be nephew, otherwise known as 'wee man' or 'bump'.
Day 10 - (Your Happy Places):
  • The beach,
  • The Slieve League Cliffs & 
  • Home sweet home.
Day 11 -
  • Late night phone calls with Matthew 
  • Car chats with my Dad & 
  • My clients for returning time and time again.
Day 12 -
  • Good reads,
  • Gin and Tonic & 
  • BBQ's at the McNamee house.
Day 13 -
  • Anderson's Injury Clinic for finally sorting my back out,
  • Good music &
  • The ability to take time out from social media.
Day 14 - (Nice Things That I've Done):
  • Volunteered at an Animal Shelter,
  • Fundraised for Cancer Fund For Children & 
  • Given money to the less fortunate.
Best Things About Last Week -
  • Car chats with my Dad, 
  • Night-time talks with Matthew & 
  • Being in good company.
Day 15 -
  • Longer days,
  • Late nights & 
  • Movies with Mum and Dad.
Day 16 - (3 People You Are Grateful For Today):
  • My Client Donna and her chocolate treats,
  • Ella (Matthew's sister) & 
  • My driving instructor for kicking my butt.
Day 17 - (Positive News That I've Heard Recently):
  • That my application for Ulster University's Foundation Degree in Counselling was acknowledged - pending interview,
  • That my nephew will be here in a matter of weeks (June 7th) & 
  • Matthew is coming home on Tuesday 30th.
Day 18 - (3 Memories That Make You Smile):
  • Visiting/staying with Granny Johnston & our mutual love for Charlie's Spar garlic cubes,
  • How/when Matthew asked me out & 
  • Days away with Mum and Dad i.e. walking the Gortin Glens Forest Park.
Day 19 -
  • Tea talks with Mum, 
  • Living out of town & 
  • The outdoors in general.
Day 20 - (Today I'm Grateful For):
  • New reads,
  • Better weather & 
  • The ability to work from home.
Day 21 -
  • My readers/those who continue to return, 
  • For passing my driving test first time today & 
  • Chilled evenings.
Best Things About The Last 21 Days -
  • The Itty Bitty Gratitude Journal/Itty Bitty Book Co, 
  • Spending time in good company & 
  • Better/longer days.
What are you grateful for today? Is the gratitude journal something you would try?
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