Monday, 8 May 2017

The Itty Bitty 21 Day Gratitude Journal And Giveaway

The Itty Bitty Book Co, was established in 2013 by husband and wife - Astra and Al, who run their entire business from home; in Belfast, Northern Ireland. According to the website, everything you see is 100% made in Ireland, has been recycled, is eco-friendly or is ethically sourced.

If you you've been following my Facebook page closely, you'll know that I became an Ambassador for the Itty Bitty Book Company at the beginning of February and thus have been very fortunate enough to have since then, been sent their 'Itty Bitty 21 Day Gratitude Journals' - two in fact; one for my own personal use and one for a reader.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, having a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. It's a proven method of bringing more happiness into your day-to-day life, without you even noticing.

The pocket-sized journals challenge you to write three new things each day, for 21 days that you're grateful for. In doing so; it will train your brain to scan the world for more positive things, helping you stay healthier and happier in the long run. Would you believe I've just completed day 6 and I'm already reaping the benefits.

Each page within the book has been intricately designed, some come with short prompts to inspire your writing efforts such as; '3 people you're grateful for' or 'nice things I've done today'. Other pages have been sporadically designed with quotes to help you maintain focus on the task at hand.

At present the journals are available in three colours; Yellow, Light Gray and Blue Gray - they also make a pretty thoughtful gift for someone in need of a positivity boost.
The Gratitude Giveaway:
As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Itty Bitty Book Co and I have partnered up to comprise the Gratitude Giveaway - this will ensure you're about to take your first steps into a more positive and happier you. The giveaway includes;

- One Itty Bitty 21 Day Gratitude Journal in Light Gray,
- One Gift Set of 3 Itty Bitty Books including; Positivity, Motivation and Strength.

To enter the competition, head over to my Twitter and start retweeting!

I hope this post empowered you to think a bit more about what you're feeling grateful for today.

*DISCLAIMER* - The Itty Bitty Journals were sent to me on a gifting basis by Itty Bitty Book Co.
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