Friday, 19 May 2017

Stress And How You Should Deal With It

In today's day and age it appears that our lives are pretty jam packed with things to do, to think about or if you're unfortunate enough; to stress about... but I'm sure you, very much like me, find yourself constantly running from a to b, juggling too many tasks at once and generally just living on high energy to keep up with you ever demanding life - this is why we can often forget to take some time out, to stop, to get some perspective.

It comes as no surprise that stress is a fact of life, we all experience it - particularly when we want to succeed; it's inevitable that challenges will arise along the way, but don't let this be something you think of negatively. Stress can actually be a really good thing. It pushes people, helps them react and is a sign of physical and mental hard work, so essentially all you need to learn is how to make stress your best friend, not your enemy. Here's how:

More often than not we like to think we are in control and that we are on top of it all; but this isn't always necessarily the case. You need to learn to accept it for what it is - this doesn't mean you're giving up, but it does mean you'll find a way to deal with your current situation. We're only human, we experience and deal with things in different ways (preferably not by hyperventilating into a plastic bag).

Stress is great at helping you reach certain achievements, but; being overly stressed occurs when there is just too much pressure. You'll need to come to terms with the fact that slow and steady wins the race and it's going to get you places. Take your time and don't try to overdo it by tackling too many jobs at once. If you're feeling stressed open up about it, whether it's by writing it down or simply talking to a close friend or family member - create a plan of action, but take it slow.

Don't let your stresses or worries get out of hand, talk - ask for help. Knowing when the stress you are currently experiencing is something you can handle, or can't handle is absolutely essential. If you recognize that things are starting to pile up, it's time to speak up. Talk to friends, family members or a partner about it, jot your thoughts and feelings down, I promise it will help.

Periods of stress can be a great lesson, or a kick up the ass. Take every challenge as it comes and use these as opportunities to grow, to learn from your experiences. Being stressed isn't the be all and end all, you're going to come out of this much more head-strong, you'll appreciate down time and you'll appreciate your friends and family for lending a helping hand. A good way to eliminate stress is to exercise - I'm sure you'll have heard all about endorphin's, so I won't bore you with the details.

Sometimes when we're stressed we can adopt a negative mindset and attitude. We focus far too much on the little details, as though they are mountainous. Gaining perspective will help you overcome this and in turn can make stress a much more positive thing - who would have thought? Be grateful that you are busy, making achievements and progressing in life.

It always seems impossible, until it's done - remember that tomorrow is a new day and although your stresses may seem endless, you will get there, I believe in you.

How do you cope with stress? 
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