Friday, 5 May 2017

May Goals

If you're a regular reader here on She In The Know, then I'm pretty adamant you'll have gathered just how busy April was for me as a whole. I started working part time as a Coffee Shop Assistant on the 19th and Matthew came home for the Easter holidays - not to mention I'd somehow managed to leave myself feeling overwhelmed, sluggish and generally in a bit of a creative funk with my blog and its content. This meant that I took an Unexplained Break from writing for the entirety of a week.

However; with that being said - May is very much a new month and I'm really looking forward to getting back into a regular blogging schedule. I'm also looking forward to expanding my blog in order to cover a myriad of subjects and passions of mine.

Thus, I have compiled a list of 'May Goals' - both of which are blog related and personal.


Goal #1 - Consistency 
Since officially launching my blog in January, I feel it's an absolute must that I try to blog consistently, not only to keep my potential readers updated, but to ensure that my audience continues to grow at a somewhat steady pace. I'm hoping to put my Dot Creates Ultimate Blog Planner to good use this year, by jotting down what I'll be writing next, when it needs to be posted and how I'll be able to squeeze in time to plan and schedule alongside working part time - even if that means setting aside 20 minutes each morning to focus on content or updating my social accounts.

Goal #2 - Increase Traffic And Social Media Reach 
As a relatively new blogger/creative, it is essential that I work towards increasing my traffic and social media reach - my blog simply wouldn't progress otherwise. Thus I intend on making more of an effort this month to join Twitter chats and Facebook groups, so I can network with other writers/bloggers/readers. In particular; I would love to hit 300 Bloglovin follows this May.

Goal #3 - Take Stock Photos / Work On My Flat Lay Photography 
Flat lay photography is new territory to me; but it's something that I've always wanted to dabble in and I have to say I've been really enjoying the process so far. Thus I want to spend the month of May stock taking photographs and practicing/playing around more with my current Nikon D7200 and up my use of natural light/artificial lighting.


Goal #1 - Create A Consistent Workout Routine / Stay Active
If you've been following along with my fitness related posts here on She In The Know, then I'm sure you'll be well aware of my significant weight loss since January. However; this hasn't come without wanting to throw in the towel once and for all - this month I'm going to focus on staying active and setting up a consistent workout routine. 

Goal #2 - Create A Weekly Budget / Save
This year I've been gradually tightening the belt when it comes to spending and it's safe to say I have completely ditched impulse purchases. Since January I have managed to accumulate a substantial amount in savings and hope to continue working on a weekly budget, in order to lodge savings from week-to-week.

Goal #3 - Drink More Water
It's safe to say I've managed to cut drinking fizzy drinks well and truly out of my life. I no longer have to deal with heart burn after a can of Coca Cola and instead have been able to focus on just drinking more water. However; this May I really want to make more of an effort to drink the suggested 2 litres a day - it'll be interesting to see how my body adjusts to this.

What goals have you set aside this month?
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