Friday, 26 May 2017

Love Give Ink / The Copper Name Notebook

Love Give Ink was established at the end of 2013 by Martha Keith, when she left her job as a Business Director at a healthcare company to follow her passion for creative ways to say 'I love you'. Inspired by gifts that her and her husband had given each other over the years; including a treasure hunt when he proposed and a box of 'reasons why I love you' on their first wedding anniversary, they decided to create delightful ways to help others show they care to. 

According to the website, All Love Give Ink designs are created by Martha herself and turned into gifts and stationary by the team at Paint HQ in Chiswick, West London. They have a wide variety of products ranging from; Notebooks, Planners and Diaries, Boxes of Love as well as Invitations and Cards - among many others. They are a company I would move countries, just to work for. 

To celebrate the Bank Holiday Weekend at the beginning of May, not to mention the companies new copper foiling - which I find is outstanding in quality, they decided to hold an Instagram giveaway wherein three lucky people were given the chance to win a personalized notebook of their choice. Fortunately and quite lucky actually, I was one of these individuals and I knew exactly what I was looking for.

I chose the 'Copper Name Notebook' - delivered in a grey box with pretty white ribbon and a card handwritten by Martha herself, it felt wonderfully personal.

The personalized copper foiled notebook with a geometric design would make the perfect gift for any stationary lover. It has a hardback cover and is filled with thick white pages, it's wire-bound so it can be easily flipped open or laid flat to capture ideas and inspirations (in this case, blog post ideas). 

Soft to the touch and printed lovingly with real foil, it has a quality about it that certainly stands out from the rest, so much so I have gone on to purchase the '2017 Is Your Year Weekly Diary'. 

I can't thank Martha and her team enough for my notebook, I've been getting plenty of use out of it and I can't wait to sift through their website and see what other items I can manage to pick up over the coming weeks. 
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