Monday, 3 April 2017

March Moments

Two thousand and seventeen for me; has been a year of both personal growth and discovery thus far. To say I've been through some testing times since the beginning of January would be, somewhat of an understatement... I have gone from one job to another, struggled greatly with my mental health and even managed to go off my feet for an entire month; courtesy of a very dodgy ankle... but here I am, persevering.

March was a relatively productive month for me; I started working part-time in a florists, I hit my monthly weight loss targets and even managed to pass my Theory Test - it appears that I was on a bit of a roll from the get-go. So, I have decided to compile a list of March moments or at-least some of the best bits.

March Moments:

  • I passed my Theory Test (47/50)
  • I started working part-time in a florists - turns out I really enjoy battering the ends with a hammer and now I've even got my own pair of flora-best cutters.
  • I hit 500 Facebook likes & ran my first giveaway.
  • Matthew came home & is due to come back again this Tuesday.
  • I managed to snap up three job interviews; two of which are this week (Monday & Thursday).
  • I hit 200 Instagram follows.
  • I reconnected with an old friend, who might I mention was absolutely amazing with me.
  • I hit my fitness/weight loss targets for the month.
  • I finally decided on a course to apply for this September - which means I could eventually go to University.
  • I kicked all bad habits out the window - I haven't bit my nails all month.
  • I've been spending much more time with direct family this month & I've found myself becoming increasingly excited about being an Auntie this year.
  • And finally; I got to spend time Coco & Georgia this month (I totally underestimated how much I adore animals).

What did you achieve throughout March? Would you like to have done more?

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