Friday, 28 April 2017

How I'm Getting My Blogging Mojo Back

If you're a regular reader on She In The Know, then I'm sure you'll have seen my post on 'An Unexplained Break' where I talk about how blogging has become a huge part of my day-to-day life this year; whether it's brainstorming content, just writing or simply taking photographs, I'm always in work mode. But unfortunately over Easter it all got a bit much, a bit overwhelming and I decided that taking a step back and pressing pause would possibly be as good a job as any.

Easter felt like the best time for this - Matthew was set to return to University, I started working part time as a Coffee Shop Assistant and overall I was feeling a bit sluggish and uninspired in my work online. Let's face it, creativity comes in ebbs and waves, it's illusive and the more we seem to go searching for it, the harder it is to grasp.

But alas, creative funk aside! I'm really starting to get my blogging mojo back. So, I wanted to share ten things that might help you shake the funk, get motivated and assist you in refocusing on your goals once again.

By now I'm sure you're physically at the point where your head is about to burst. When we feel like everything is getting on top of us, that's when the real slump hits and we don't want to do anything other than stay in our pyjamas and watch television for the rest of the day - and even that's a push. Take a moment to clear your mind, jot down everything you're experiencing, feeling, thinking and try to stop worrying so much about things that are well and truly out of your control - often easier said than done, I know. I find going for a walk or a cycle when I'm feeling sluggish and a bit out of sorts, even if it does seem like an unnecessary chore at first, the best thing for me. I promise when you take time to unwind, you and your brain will quickly come around.

Write down some things that you're feeling grateful for this week. Believe it or not, this was something I started doing over the weekend, when my Dot Creates Life Planner arrived - you'd be pleasantly surprised what jotting down three things you're grateful for at the end of the week makes you realize, I mean are things really that bad at all? It's all about how you react to situations you find yourself in that make the difference. We can't be happy, bubbly, motivated people all year round, but we can chose to be grateful for what we have, whether it's an apology from a friend, some time out or even some quality time with a family pet - the best kind of medicine is always right in-front of you.

It's important that we remember to disconnect from social media sometimes, just to make sure that we're really looking after ourselves. Are we getting enough exercise? Are we eating the right amount of foods? When was the last time we had a tall glass of water? If you aren't feeling 100%, your brain isn't going to either. Taking some me-time will in effect help top up your creativity reserves - disconnect from the internet for the evening and read a book or go for a walk. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much it will help boost your mood and productivity. If you're interested, you can read all about how I'm improving my productivity here.

If you're doing the same thing each day, it's no wonder you've ended up losing sight of your goals and become so sluggish. Switch up your routine, exercise in the morning, work away from your desk, go somewhere new like a coffee shop, do your research, read a book, take a course - work on getting inspired again.

This will be one of the easiest things you do, but personally the most effective. While on my break, I thought about everything I wanted to achieve this year, broke it down into small achievable chunks and got to work. If you're lacking in creativity for blog posts, sit down with a friend or family member and just brainstorm. Talk about topics you are passionate about, whether it be home decor, travelling or baking, think about content that will slot into each theme. For example, this year I've been trying to shift some extra weight and I've found writing about this really motivational, so why don't you give it a go yourself? Put your thoughts down on paper, clear your mind and just get to work. You'll be back to your usual self in no time.

I can't tell you how long I've been floating around with a head full of ideas, yet not really doing anything about them, besides the obvious - telling myself I'll start tomorrow. This is why I can't stress enough how important it is to set goals, if you're in a slump and you feel like you're not really getting anywhere, write it down, write down what you'd ideally like to achieve and work out the steps to get there. My two goals for May are to go back to the gym on my own and to hit 300 Bloglovin follows - I want to do something out of my comfort zone and joining a gym is definitely one of these.

As mentioned above, with setting goals it's all about breaking it down to see what needs to be done. For instance; in order for me to hit 300 Bloglovin follows, I need to create a list of everything that could make this happen - a pop up, a tweet, an Instagram or an email. Once it's broken down I'll be able to start working towards my targets for the month. But remember, this can also translate into any aspect of your personal life - whether you're applying for jobs, trying to lose weight or perhaps even contemplating setting up your own blog. 

You've got a few deadlines on the horizon, but your creativity has decided it's going to take a week off and you've just about had enough of it - don't worry, we've all been there, it's nothing new. Even though you might feel as though you need to push yourself to focus, stepping back and taking a break to cleanse your work-space can be one of the best things you do. I find having a clean and well organised work-space helps me get things moving. Another great way I've been getting organised recently is by jotting everything that needs to be done throughout the week, down onto my Dot Creates Life Planner or in a diary.

Majority of the time when I find myself in a bit of a slump, it's because I've fallen out of my routine and I'm not being particularly organised. I also have a tendency to let things slide and often find myself feeling overwhelmed because of it, so getting organised, such as using Excel spreadsheet with all my finances on, prepping lunch for work tomorrow morning or even pre-planning my blog content for the week makes me feel ready to take on the world. Even just tidying and rejigging things in my room and on my desk can have the same effect.

I can't stress this enough - if you're waking up every morning with nothing to look forward to, that slump is going to stick around for a hell of a long time. So make plans, do more of what makes you happy, book holidays, drink strawberry daiquiris at 2pm, read a book, watch all the classics, catch up with your friends and family, but most importantly - just do you.

How are you getting your mojo back this year? Are you taking some well deserved time out?
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