Monday, 27 February 2017

The Positivity Takeover, With Itty Bitty Book Co

The Itty Bitty Book Co. was established in 2013 by husband and wife - Astra and Al, who run their entire business from home; in Northern Ireland. According to the website, everything you see is 100% made in Ireland, has been recycled, is eco-friendly or is ethically sourced.

If you follow my Facebook page closely, you'll know that I became an ambassador for the Itty Bitty Book Company at the beginning of February. I applied for this position because I was thoroughly enjoying their Positivity Takeover and felt that their pocked-sized books were a great help for me, on days where I was feeling a bit anxious or just a bit down in the dumps. Of course I wanted to support the movement, so I went on to purchase the 'Itty Bitty Inspiration Box' - I simply couldn't decide which book I wanted more, so I opted to purchase all three! The Inspiration Box included a Positivity, Motivation and Strength Book, all of which were jam-packed with over 75 individually designed quotes, there truly is inspiration for every mood.

My favourite thing about these books is that due to their unique miniature size, I can slip them into my hang-bag and read them on the go. I've even passed some of the quotes on-to friends and family to help motivate them too. So, with that being said - here are three ways I hope to spread positivity in 2017: 

1. Encourage Others:
Studies have shown that a lot of our happiness comes from making other people happy (did that really need a survey?). If we build positive relationships and motivate other people, we end up feeling good about ourselves - which builds confidence and leads to a more positive perspective. This is where blogging comes into play - in 2017 I want to empower and encourage my readers, to step out of their comfort zone - to push boundaries. I want to improve my self-worth and your self-worth, so let's kick butt together. 

2. Be Genuine, Give Compliments:
Compliments are amazing, but often rare. I like to listen to my readers and be genuine in my responses. I want my family, friends and online circle to feel appreciated - so if giving a sincere compliment will help, then I'm more than willing to try. In-fact Olivia from The Northernist, left a comment under my post on '5 Things To Do When Choosing Your Career Path', letting me know all about her exciting new venture as a full-time Baker and I was genuinely giddy for her! I might just have to ask for some baking tips and tricks. 

3. Pay It Forward:
Keeping in theme with the Itty Bitty Book Co's, 'pay it forward' movement - I want to help spread positivity on-to others. I'm going to leave happiness cards around my hometown, in the hope that it'll help someone having a bit of a rough day. I'm also going to encourage my blogging friends, and interact more with my readers online to ensure they know, just how appreciative I am of their time and effort. I think I'm just going to do me this year. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post, how are you going to spread positivity in 2017?

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