Friday, 3 February 2017

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine's Day is by far one of my favourite holidays - excluding Christmas of course, everyone loves Christmas. But it appears that Valentine's Day is the one occasion, where copious amounts of fresh flowers and boxes of milk tray chocolates are set to sporadically appear, both on our supermarket shelves and in our homes. That and it's just another holiday which enables us to get all lovey dovey with our family, friends and partners in order to show them just how much we care (not that we don't show it during the 365 days we already have with each-other.)

Nonetheless... with the holiday just a mere eleven days away, I thought now would be the best time to openly discuss the 'Perfect Valentine's Day Gift' for her, or at-least what I assume would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift - it's also the first time I've talked about the holiday on, how exciting is that!

So... here we have it, the Pandora Princess Tiara Ring - one of the most lusted over pieces of jewelry I have ever set eyes on. Fortunately for me, Matthew managed to pick up this little number up over the Christmas holidays, but either way I think it would have made the perfect Valentine's Day gift to, especially for those who are entering new relationships, or just want to show their girl friends some love.

Pandora states on their website that, 'Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess, so why not treat someone special and make them feel just like one! The ring is made from sterling silver with a tiara and cubic zirconia set within it', and frankly if that doesn't quite sell you I'm not sure what will.

Pandora also stock the Princess Ring in Rose Gold - however we felt this didn't catch our eyes as much. Matthew was also very good at picking out my size for a first time ring buyer, as it sits snugly on both my middle and index fingers.

Just make sure you know which colour your lady friends would appreciate most, as they to won't be able to resist this one.

Are you excited about Valentine's Day? What are your thoughts on the Pandora Princess Tiara Ring?

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