Friday, 17 February 2017

Important Life Lessons I Learnt Last Year

Now that January is well and truly over with (thank goodness eh?), I thought it would be the perfect time to sit down, with my ginger-nut biscuits and over-sized cup of tea, to have a proper look back over two thousand and sixteen, with a somewhat fresh mind and rationally evaluate it - or at-least make an attempt to.

Two thousand and sixteen for me; was a year of both personal growth and discovery, but it was also one of most testing periods of my life - in-fact that's why I decided to defy tradition in my 'Anti-Bucket List' post on January 2nd. Nonetheless I'm sure at some stage during the course of the year, we all learnt some serious life lessons; from self-love and self-care, to stress management and productivity, but did we really take these lessons into consideration? Will we continue to learn from them in 2017?

Here are 3 life lessons I learnt in 2016:

1. Just Let Go -
People will come and go, friends won't always be on the same page and colleagues you thought you knew, won't actually turn out to be who you originally thought they were. You will want different things and you'll get fed up trying to hold on. You need to learn to 'just let go' and accept that what you've been experiencing over the last few months, will actually contribute to who and what you are now. You'll stop being anxious eventually and you'll start realizing you have the potential to do anything you set your mind to.

2. Don't Let People Define You
Ever heard that saying 'everything happens for a reason'? it's true - you shouldn't listen to people who are only there to spite you. You need to stop believing what other people are saying and own your strength, be self-loving and self-caring. You'll leave your current job, take some time out and come back fighting. You're a #GIRLBOSS and you're going places - but perhaps you should listen to your gut more often.

3. Be Self-Loving And Self-Motivated -
It'll sound absolutely absurd to you and very cliche, but you'll learn to start self-loving and self-motivating yourself. You'll learn to take better care of your mind and body and you'll start to embrace your uniqueness. You will take control of your life and what happens next. You'll fall in love with writing and you'll use it as a way to reach out to people who are just like you - you are about to become the most determined person you'll ever be.

What life lessons did you learn in 2016? 

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