Monday, 23 January 2017

Solving Bra-blems With ThirdLove

Let me begin by saying that I was what some would refer to as an 'early bloomer' in the chest region; by the mere age of 10 I had ditched all forms of training bras and vests for one poorly-fitted by my Mum. Not only did I go unmeasured, but the bra itself stated I was a 'rock chick' in bright-pink diamante's, which were clearly visible through my white school shirt... (don't worry, I'm still cringing about it and probably will for the rest of eternity). 

ThirdLove, a San Francisco based brand who design and sell bras for the every-day woman recently got in touch. During this discussion they encouraged me to both explore and raise awareness of the world of bra-blems (or bra-problems, for any of those who hadn't quite got it). But, would you believe that a whopping 80% of us women, are actually walking around in bras that don't fit us? It certainly made me double check.

Unfortunately, even at the mere age of twenty... I doubt that I'll ever really out-grow the awkwardness that a of a bra-fitting causes, you know... where the lady rips back the curtain and there you are, standing in your washed out garments ready to be taped up, just to leave with a bra that continues to cause headaches (as pretty as they are at times). It's quite funny actually... as I'm typing this post I'm having bra-blems myself, ROGUE STRAP BRA-BLEMS.

So, let's have a look at some tips and tricks to help solve those issues:

Now that we've established quad boobs doesn't actually mean four boobs, we can start working towards correcting our bra-blems themselves. Why not start of by buying something new, with ThirdLove discount code 'BRABLEMSJAN15' for an extra 15% off your first order. 

What bra-blems are you currently having?

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