Friday, 6 January 2017

How To Improve Your Productivity

Tip sharing is something I want to entertain on Sheintheknow - whether it be a simple do's and don'ts write-up or in particular a 'How To Improve Your Productivity' post... There is no denying, we all secretly wish we were better at being productive, goodness knows how many evenings I've spent fretting over assignments or wondering how on earth I'll achieve that perfect Instagram feed.

Running Sheintheknow has certainly opened my eyes a bit, alongside working full-time and juggling general life demands it can all be a bit of a challenge, a daunting one... but I feel mastering organisation and learning how to be more productive will be two tricks that will help ensure things are much more manageable in the long term - who knows, I might even take my own advice this time.

How To Improve Your Productivity:

-Today's Activities (To Do): Create a to do list. This may seem like the most obvious thing to do, but writing a to do list, not only for work deliverable's but life admin and blog related tasks and projects can really help establish a clear picture of what needs doing and when. It will keep you well organised, but also ensure you remain productive. Besides if you're anything like me, ticking everything off will make you want to internally burst with glee!

-Organise: Very much linked to having a to do list, a diary or notebook will keep you on-top of key projects, dates, meetings, work or blog deliverable's, events and if you're lucky holidays. Learn how to manage your time effectively so the jobs required are done efficiently.

-Stay Positive: The most important thing of all is to stay positive. This won't always be an easy job but the more optimistic and calm you remain, the more able you'll be to handle life and any hurdles that might come your way. No more stressing, flapping or smacking the keyboard, spend some time on delivery and if you need to take a break remember that it's absolutely okay. Your well-being is a critical element to success, so don't forget to schedule time for it.

-Take A Break: Alongside staying positive, it's essential that you take breaks as and when required. Often when you're juggling a lot or working on something quite demanding you might feel overwhelmed, stressed or perhaps even tired. I know I'd certainly love to be somewhere sunny right now, but unfortunately a weekend away will have to wait for the time being. Actually on the topic of taking breaks... as a frequent migraine sufferer, I find stress can leave me feeling deflated, although it would be interesting to hear your suggestions on what a suitable break is.

-Don't Over Promise: You might as well accept it now, but sometimes its just not possible to get everything done. I know I'm constantly trying to multi-task, committing to too much and pushing myself to wrap things up as quickly as possible... ultimately this just ends up stressing me out and if there's one thing that hinders productivity, that's stress. Be selective, but be conscious of any decisions you choose to make.

There are of course no rights or wrongs, but for me I think these factors really drive my productivity and ensure I stay on-top of my blog, social life and work.

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve your productivity? 

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