Monday, 16 January 2017

Blog Goals

As I'm sure some of you may know, Monday the 2nd of January 2017 saw the official launch of my blog 'Sheintheknow' - if you missed my Anti-Bucket list post, you can catch up here. It was through this very write up that I openly discussed how I was going to defy tradition and that's exactly what I did, but this doesn't mean I can't set aside some blog related goals for the incoming year, can it?

Setting up my blog was an extremely daunting task and as a new writer and creator I felt it was only necessary that I put my time to good use, especially when I have this little space all to myself.

So, here we have it... my blog related goals for 2017:

Goal #1 - Consistency
Since officially launching my blog on Monday, I feel it's an absolute must that I try to blog consistently, not only to keep my potential readers updated, but to ensure that my audience continues to grow at a somewhat steady pace. Although I fully intend on staying consistent with my accounts linked in with this blog, I  decided to purchase a diary... this way I'll be able to jot down what I'll be writing next, when it needs to be posted and how I'll be able to squeeze in time to plan and schedule amongst working - even if that means sacrificing 20 minutes every morning.

Goal #2 - Increase Traffic and Social Media Reach
As a new writer and creator here on Sheintheknow, it is essential that I work towards increasing my traffic and social media reach - my blog wouldn't progress otherwise. Thus I intend on joining more blog related communities and groups (as well as chats), so I'll be able to network with other writers/bloggers... I'm also going to look into advertising myself and my blog, in order to get that promotion I so long desire.

Goal #3 - Blog Design 
Despite only launching my blog on the 2nd of January, I really want to work towards ensuring my layout is professional and as easy to use as possible. This means that whilst I am publishing twice on a weekly basis, I also spend that time looking for small ways to enhance my website and my readers experience - whether it be updating an image, changing the size and font my blog is currently using or simply adding gadgets to the sidebar. I want to ensure my blog is readable, and appealing to any potential readers/followers that I may encounter.

Goal #4 Monetize your Blog
Although I love writing and publishing posts here on Sheintheknow, I also want to work towards monetizing my blog itself, this way I can ensure a wider audience will be reached. Monetizing may take shape in many forms such as; Google Adsense, or advertising spaces and products via my blog. It'll also be the perfect way of making connections with other blog owners and businesses alike.

Now to put these to work...

I hope you enjoyed today's post, have you set aside any blog related goals for 2017?

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